Experience a Rolex


At Keanes, we are at your service to help you to choose the Rolex that best suits you. With a legacy of excellence, your experience at Keanes will ensure that you receive the utmost care from our diligent staff, who have received the highest standards of training. Each member of our team at Keanes is passionate about creating a magical experience for our customers.


I have worked for Keanes since 2008 and have been in the watch industry for 16 years.
It has been a pleasure to work with a brand like Rolex and there are many similarities between Keanes and Rolex. Both have a very long standing history and uphold the values of tradition.
I have been very lucky to see many new innovations and changes from Rolex down through the years and still get that buzz when something new arrives or when I can help a client select the perfect Rolex.”

- David O’Connor - Watch Manager | Rolex by Keanes Cork


“I joined the Keanes team in 2018 and am proud to work for such a prestigious business, steeped in tradition. I take great pride in creating an unforgettable customer experience and through extensive Rolex training, my diverse knowledge can hopefully guide clients to finding the perfect watch. In my experience, purchasing a Rolex goes beyond the functionalities of the timepiece, it can be quite a memorable and special moment for a customer and I am proud to be a part of that journey!”

- Christina McDermott, Rolex Ambassador | Rolex by Keanes, Cork


“As the manager of Keanes Jewellers, Limerick, for almost 15 years, I am very proud to work in partnership with Rolex. We are honoured to have the opportunity to guide our customers through the Rolex experience. The quality, style and reliability of a Rolex watch makes the watches a joy to sell.”

- Aidan Lyddy, Manager | Rolex by Keanes, Limerick


“Since joining the ‘Rolex by Keanes’ team in 2017, I have been incredibly privileged to have received an extensive Rolex education. At Keanes we are dedicated to providing our clients with a first class service, and it is this passion for quality that makes the Rolex at Keanes experience superior. I enjoy sharing my knowledge in the showroom every day and take great pride in in being an ambassador for this caliber of luxury and prestige.”

- Calvin Hayes, Rolex Ambassador | Rolex by Keanes, Limerick


At Keanes, our knowledgeable staff have decades of experience and pride themselves on providing an excellent customer experience. All members of our staff have undergone extensive Rolex training and have a thorough understanding of the features and benefits of Rolex watches. Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service has ensured that over the years, generations of families have become loyal customers of Keanes and many have become friends. Our teams look forward to guiding you through our extensive Rolex collection.

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