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Diamond Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing your diamond; for example, your engagement ring or wedding band, there is a lot to consider. Determining a diamond within your budget while ensuring the best quality feel like solving a puzzle. We have put together a ‘Diamond Buying Guide’ using our many years of knowledge here at Keanes Jewellers.

Quick Highlights

Caring for my Diamonds

Once or twice weekly: Wash at home with a simple water and soap solution.

Bi-yearly: Professional clean, pop in to any of our locations to get your ring cleaned.

For more information check out our Caring for your Diamond section below.

The four C's

The four C's stand for carat, cut, clarity and colour. These are used to assess the quality and value of a diamond.

Why do i need a diamond certificate?

Your diamond certificate ensures your diamond is authentic. This may be required for insurance purposes.

How do i order my ring size?

We stock all rings in the most common ring sizes. Once you are happy with your ring style we will resize your ring free of charge. Your ring can be resized at the point of purchase or at any point after. If you know your ring size and would like it sized on purchase please add the required size to the "notes" section of your online order.

*Please note that this will extend your wait for your order, rings purchased in a specific size cannot be returned.

"A diamond doesn't ask if it can shine.

It simply does"

The Four C's

Three Diamond Icons each a different Colour


The colour of a diamond refers to the lack of colour in a diamond. A Diamond is graded from ‘D’ being totally colourless and the highest grade, to ‘Z’ having a
visible hue or tone of yellow or brown. The closer the diamond is to being
colourless, the rarer and more valuable it becomes. Personal preference can
come into play here, some people prefer a diamond with a slight yellow or brown
hue, while others prefer a totally colourless stone.

Diamond Icon Sparkling Carat


In essence, a Carat is the physical weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to 0.2grams or 200milligrams, but we use the term points rather than grams. For example, 50 points is equal to half a carat and 100 points is equal to one carat. It's essential to remember that while carat weight is a straightforward measure,
bigger diamonds don't always equate to higher quality. Diamonds of high quality
can be found in all size ranges.

Diamond Cut Icon


A diamonds cut is not just the diamonds shape – round, oval, pear – but it is also determined by the diamond’s proportions, symmetry, polish, design, and craftsmanship. This factor is what gives a diamond its sparkle by using light
bouncing around the cuts in the precious stone. Ideally a diamond would let light enter through its table, and then bounce back out through the same area. The physical shape of a diamond can be many different shapes, popular shapes would be Round or Brilliant, Oval, Cushion and Princess. At Keanes we have a
large selection of shapes available, explore them all to find your perfect stone.

Diamond Clarity Icon


Clarity in diamonds refers to the presence or absence of blemishes and inclusions, which are imperfections that affect the stone’s appearance and value. Both blemishes and inclusions affect a diamond's clarity, with blemishes referring to external imperfections and inclusions to internal flaws. Inclusions are often referred to as "nature's fingerprints" because they provide unique identifying
characteristics for each diamond. In a natural diamond excellent clarity refers to the lack of any blemishes or inclusions. Diamonds with poor clarity will not be as reflective or sparkly as a diamond with excellent clarity.

Diamond Certificate

A diamond certification is simply a piece of paper or online link that tells you about your diamond’s dimensions, carat weight, colour, clarity, standard of finish and its cut. Your diamond certification is an assurance of authenticity and quality. At Keanes Jewellers our certified diamonds have been appraised by only the most established and reputable laboratories, some include GIA, IGI, HRD, WGI, and EGL. We typically post your diamond certification with your jewellery evaluation after your purchase.

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Caring for your Diamond

Everyday life can dull your diamond, daily accumulation of grease, dirt, and dust can form a layer on the surface of your diamond causing it to look cloudy. We at Keanes Jewellers know there is nothing quite like the sparkle of a freshly cleaned and polished diamond. We have put together some tips to help you keep your diamond shining every day.

Close up of three stone engagement ring

Day to day care

Remove your diamonds in water. Diamonds are porous and can absorb water, clouding your diamonds over time.

Hand with pear shaped engagement ring and diamond pave wedding band

Day to day care

Remove your diamonds when using creams or sprays. Chemicals can cause a layer of film to build up on your diamond, dulling the diamonds sparkle.

Close up of diamond pave on engagement ring

Once a week care

Wash your diamond with water and mild dish soap. Fill a small bowl with warm water and mild soap, soak your ring for up to 40 minutes. Brush lightly with a soft toothbrush to finish.

Three stone engagement ring on brides hand

Twice a year care

Get your diamond professionally cleaned, at Keanes Jewellers
we will gladly do this for you in any of our stores.

Precious Metals

Having selected your diamond, consider the metal to complement it. Explore our
precious metal options for your perfect jewellery piece. Keanes Jewellers offers a diverse range of jewellery, engagement rings, and bespoke services.


Platinum is renowned for its popularity in fine jewellery and engagement rings due to its durability and its lustrous white appearance. It is stronger and rarer than gold, additionally, platinum's innate brilliance eliminates the need for rhodium plating, ensuring a timeless and low-maintenance elegance.


Palladium is a lesser-known metal, it shares many characteristics with platinum, such as its white hue and durability. However, it is lighter in weight, Ideal for extra comfort. Palladium is often used to create intricate designs. *While we have limited palladium pieces in stock, it's available for our bespoke ring

White Gold

White gold starts its life as yellow gold which is mixed with a white metal to create its white appearance. It is then typically coated with rhodium for durability and lustre. For maintenance white gold jewellery worn daily – such as wedding bands and engagement rings should be re-plated every 18 months.

Yellow Gold

Pure yellow gold is a soft metal, we solve this issue in jewellery by adding copper, silver, and zinc to make the metal stronger. It has a radiant yellow glow and most traditional for wedding bands. For everyday wear 18ct is the best choice for engagement rings or wedding bands as it is stronger and lasts over time.

Bespoke Service

A ring is not just an accessory, but a symbol of your unique story, that’s what our bespoke service offers here at Keanes Jewellers. We have a large range of unique settings and can source some of the best quality loose diamonds across Ireland. Our bespoke service is available across engagement rings, dress rings, wedding bands and more. Book an appointment with one of our expert diamond consultants to find out more about what Keanes Jewellers can offer you.

Jeweller inspecting a diamond ring

Getting your Diamond Jewellery Valued

A valuation can be carried out on finished pieces of jewellery typically for insurance purposes. This will include information on your diamonds weight, grade, and dimensions, as well as additional information regarding the whole piece of jewellery. This includes information such as metal type and the value of the piece. We at Keanes Jewellers value items bought in one of our stores or online, for more information please email us at or pop-in to one of our stores in Cork, Limerick, or Killarney.

"A diamond is forever."

The Perfect Pairing – Wedding bands

At Keanes Jewellers, discover an extensive selection of wedding bands tailored to every taste and style. Our collection features bands made to complement your
engagement ring, diamond bands, and a variety of metals, styles, and settings. Once you have found your dream engagement ring, we encourage you to book with
us to find your ideal wedding band pairing.

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